Danny Carey

Training with Joe has taken my stamina, strength, and drumming to a new level. I feel and look better than I…Danny Carey Drummer, Tool
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Randy Wolf

Working with Joe has been a top to bottom restoration for my body. Over the years, I have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches which has allowed me to realize the value…Randy Wolf, Pitcher for Los Angeles Dogers see more

Mindy Sterling

I have been having back problems all my life.  I needed someone that knew my body and that could make it fun to work out .  I HATE WORKING OUT!  Joe has…Mindy Sterling see more

Adam Duritz

I had worked with Joe as a trainer and boxing instructer for more than a year before our band took him out on the road with us. He was a great personal trainer to begin with. I’d gotten in much better shape and become a pretty good beginner boxer in the time we spent together previous to the tour but…Adam Duritz- Counting Crows 
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Alison Eastwood

Joe helped me get into the best shape of my life. When the…Alison Eastwood 
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Michael Degood

I thought I knew Martial Arts. I had achieved Black Belt in Tae Kwondo, competed and won in several sparring contests, and then I met and began to train with Joe. His work…Michael Degood-Artist/Actor /Writer/ Fitness Professional 
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Jennifer Taylor

Joe makes training so much fun that you don’t even realize that you’re getting into amazing strength. I signed up to train with Joe because I wanted to increase my…Jennifer Taylor-CEO Quantum Touch,Inc 
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Kirstin Wolf

Joe Rivera is NOT “Just another trainer”! My workouts are different every time, and crazy effective! I feel really safe training with him because he’s a stickler for proper form and… Kirstin Wolf-Artist 
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Charlie Gillingham

Joe makes working out fun. Painful, but fun. He is…Charlie Gillingham-Counting Crows 
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Melissa Akkaway

I work out a few days a week with my trainer, Joe Rivera. We do everything from…Melissa Akkaway-Owner, Beckley Boutique
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