Here are some key points of the techniques, principles, and philosophies that we utilize at Focus Center Fitness. One of the keys to success when embarking on an exercise program is to address all of the components of physical fitness: cardiorespiritory strength and endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. By neglecting any one of these components we create an imbalance that adversely affects the most important resource we have …Our Health And Well Being.

Proper guidance and hard work will help you gain that balance and greatly improve the quality of your life.

Based on whatever it is you are hoping to achieve, we will custom tailor a program that will guide you toward achieving your goals effectively and safely. Most importantly, the hour that you spend training will be an opportunity for you to just focus on yourself. A time to be completely present in the moment without the usual distraction: no family or career concerns, no phone calls to receive or return, no financial obligations, no errands to run. The only thing before you is a nonstop, challenging, action packed, fun filled hour where you can’t afford to waste time fixating on anything but the task at hand, the commitment you made to yourself.


Location and In Home Training

Joe Rivera has developed a system of training and compiled a library of exercises that can be utilized anywhere on the planet for any individual or group …with or without the use of a single piece of equipment.

Yoga, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Strength training, Balance/Agility drills, Core training, and calisthenics can be fused with intense cardio intervals like climbing stairs, jumping rope or even short sprints to get you in the best shape of your life quickly. The results are truly inspiring. If you’re looking for personal training in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades or Malibu, give Joe a call and he’ll train you in home or at a location of your choosing.


Fusion Training

Fusion is something that I have spent the last seventeen years of my life developing and it is changing, evolving, and adapting even as you read this. Fusion adapts to medical concerns, energy levels, time and space. It changes to achieve individualized goals and it incorporates only the most effective techniques.

It is an interdisciplinary system, focusing on your center, that combines elements of Yoga, Martial Arts, Strength training, Boxing, Balance and Agility training, Plyometrics, Cardiovascular Conditioning, and some good old fashion Calisthenics all in one workout.

Training in this fashion keeps you challenged, motivated, and brings noticeable results quickly. A typical hour-long session of this nature can burn anywhere from 450 to 1000 calories depending on your level of fitness. As your fitness levels progress so does your ability and capacity for greater output. I also find that training this way makes your workouts more inspiring, interactive, exciting and fun. The truth of the matter is you can only expect to gain from any endeavor what you are willing to give. If it is something that brings you joy and excitement, you are more prone to give it your absolute best during each session and continue a consistent program.
The Workout

Sessions are typically conducted on a private basis for one hour. Based on your personal preferences, present fitness level, goals, and any special medical considerations, a program is designed for you. The program may combine all of the disciplines or any combination of them. You may also opt for dedicating the session entirely to one discipline. For example, on a day that has been emotionally draining, you may wish to get recharged and empowered. That might be a day to spend your session completely submerged in a boxing workout. Or, it could be the day you wish to get centered, reconnect to your breath, and challenge yourself by deepening your Yoga practice; therefore, the session becomes an hour of private Yoga.

This approach gives my clients a greater understanding of the impact that working out can have on not only their bodies, but also on their mental and emotional well being.

Fusion opens them to that level of understanding.

Consider this an invitation to Focus your mind, strengthen your body, and elevate your soul!



At Focus Center Fitness, we utilize yoga as both an integrated discipline as well as its own technique. You may be guided through Vinyasas(a sequence of yoga postures) to increase coordination, balance and strength, while focusing on Pranayama (breath) to initiate and sustain poses( increasing stamina and endurance)and ultimately quiet the cluttered mind.

Since yoga is in fact a practice, it allows you to abandon self-doubt and provide room for self-discovery. The very nature of the word “practice” suggests there is no need to prove but rather the freedom to improve. Accept your own perfection and imperfection and find the beauty that together, they reveal.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga stresses quality of movement over quantity. A consistent Yoga practice can quiet the mind and refresh the body, bringing health, relaxation and happiness. However, to reap the maximum benefits, the practice must be tailored to the needs and goals of the individual.

So…while participating in a large class setting can be quite challenging, rewarding and fun…it is important to find your own voice before you join a choir. We can help you find that voice.


Boxing/Martial Arts

Using Boxing, Kickboxing or Martial Arts as a means of attaining a higher level of fitness is an enormously fun and exciting way to break away from your ordinary routine. It is a total body workout that is extremely challenging and can get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life. At Focus Center Fitness you will learn the fundamentals of Boxing or Kickboxing using drills and techniques utilized by professionals. My good fortune of sparring and training with world renown masters, coaches, and world champion athletes has led me to compile a library of only the most effective techniques learned in my three decades studying the combative arts. This allows me to present you the freedom to explore the boundaries and limits of your courage, imagination and sense of adventure without high risk of injury, while burning hundreds of calories. What more could you ask?

The possibilities of what you can glean from this type of training are infinite if you remember one simple rule…. What you are willing to give in terms of effort and focus during each session directly effects what you get in return.


Balance & Agility 

Balance is the foundation of all movement.

Agility is a component of fitness that entails changing the body’s direction with velocity and precision in response to stimulus.

Balance and agility work are important and unique components of training at Focus Center Fitness. We use drills developed by Yogis, martial artists, boxers, gymnasts and other world-class athletes to challenge clients in ways that are empowering, functional and fun.

Sport-specific balance drills create optimal use of leverage and gravity. We use Bosu balls; Resista balls, foam rollers or balance boards and have you execute a movement from a sport you enjoy. When you perform these tasks on an unstable surface it challenges focus, coordination, and dramatically enhances performance.

As kids, we dreamed up ways to test our physical prowess. We hopped on one leg, jumped sidewalk cracks, and treated curbs like balance beams…trying not to fall off. Attempting these feats required concentration and forced us to be in the moment; accomplishing them brought us joy. Finding imaginative ways to improve body awareness as adults brings out the kid in us and is part of what makes the training methods developed by Joe Rivera so unique.


Strength Training 

At Focus Center Fitness we tailor your resistance training program to your specific goals and needs.

The first step is to access what your current level of physical conditioning and help you figure out what you are looking to achieve.

Next we create a plan of action, set realistic goals, and exchange job assignments. Our job is to create a program that utilizes a wide variety of techniques that will keep you motivated and bring you noticeable results quickly. We teach you proper focus and execution of the movements, monitor your progress and challenge you in ways that will empower you beyond just your body.

Your job is to show up for your appointments with an open mind, an indomitable spirit, and a willing body.

Whether your goal is to lose or put on inches, get leaner, increase functional strength or strength for a sport specific activity, at Focus Center Fitness you will be guided safely and effectively towards success!