How to Eat Healthy When Traveling

By Joe Rivera, eHow Contributing Writer

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I once received an email from a client regarding her disappointment in her inability to maintain optimal, healthy eating habits while traveling. She asked for advice on how to get back on track-and that is when it dawned on me that many

people must go through the same thing.

For most of us, traveling happens for one of three reasons: visiting family or friends, a vacation or business-and any of these have the potential to throw you off course when it comes to eating sensibly. When you travel for friends and family-old habits come into play with foods that did not have adverse affects on your body back then like they do now. When on vacation there’s the live-it-up and throw caution to the wind factor which may mean more of those cute drinks with those tiny little umbrellas than you care to admit having-or rich food, fine wine and too much desert.

For business, it could mean lunches or dinners where schmoozing, wining/dining and entertaining all add up to extra calories and then extra pounds. Then with business travel you’re often on a crazy schedule, leaving little time to find a place to get a healthy meal, so you settle for the first thing you see-or worse-fast food.

Here are a few steps you can take to help you eat healthy while traveling.


Things You’ll Need:

• Willpower

• Tenacity

• Common sense

1. Step 1

Pack some protein shakes in your suitcase, one for each day (that can be breakfast). All you need is a shaker, and most supplement stores have them.

2. Step 2

For lunch, it’s not that hard to get a turkey burger/grilled chicken sandwich or the like-just make sure you have it on some sort of whole grain bread and only use half of the bread. Also, instead of the fries, get a salad and make sure to get the dressing on the side so that you can control the amount.

3. Step 3

For dinner, sushi/sashimi, grilled fish or poultry is always a good option.  Just stay away from sauces and excess carbs. Basically, for the last meal of the day you should have a high quality protein with a salad or steamed vegetables.

4. Step 4

Stick to the very basic rule of fluid intake-keep water intake high and alcoholic intake low or not at all.

5. Step 5

Keep sweets to a minimum-or if you have to have them, share. Nothing tastes as good as being in shape and feeling healthy.

Tips & Warnings

• If having alcohol, do your best to stick with wine-or if you do harder alcohol, vodka is a good low-sugar choice.

• People around you may not be terribly supportive-stay strong.