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Balance is the foundation of all movement.

Agility is a component of fitness that entails changing the body’s direction with velocity and precision in response to stimulus.

Balance and agility work are important and unique components of training at Focus Center Fitness. We use drills developed by Yogis, martial artists, boxers, gymnasts and other world-class athletes to challenge clients in ways that are empowering, functional and fun.

Sport-specific balance drills create optimal use of leverage and gravity. We use Bosu balls; Resista balls, foam rollers or balance boards and have you execute a movement from a sport you enjoy. When you perform these tasks on an unstable surface it challenges focus, coordination, and dramatically enhances performance.

As kids, we dreamed up ways to test our physical prowess. We hopped on one leg, jumped sidewalk cracks, and treated curbs like balance beams…trying not to fall off. Attempting these feats required concentration and forced us to be in the moment; accomplishing them brought us joy. Finding imaginative ways to improve body awareness as adults brings out the kid in us and is part of what makes the training methods developed by Joe Rivera so unique.