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Fusion is something that I have spent the last thirteen years of my life developing and it is changing, evolving, and adapting even as you read this. Fusion adapts to medical concerns, energy levels, time and space. It changes to achieve individualized goals and evolves as I continue to gain more knowledge, grow as an instructor, and as a student. It incorporates the most effective techniques that I have learned over the last three decades of my life as a student and practitioner of a variety of modalities of movement.

It is an interdisciplinary system, focusing on your center, that combines elements of Yoga, Martial Arts, Strength training, Boxing, Balance and Agility training, Plyometrics, Cardiovascular Conditioning, and some good old fashion Calisthenics all in one workout.

Training in this fashion keeps you challenged, motivated, and brings noticeable results quickly. A typical hour-long session of this nature can burn anywhere from 450 to 1000 calories depending on your level of fitness. As your fitness levels progress so does your ability and capacity for greater output. I also find that training this way makes your workouts more inspiring, interactive, exciting and fun. The truth of the matter is you can only expect to gain from any endeavor what you are willing to give. If it is something that brings you joy and excitement, you are more prone to give it your absolute best during each session and continue a consistent program.
The Workout

Sessions are typically conducted on a private basis for one hour. Based on your personal preferences, present fitness level, goals, and any special medical considerations, a program is designed for you. The program may combine all of the disciplines or any combination of them. You may also opt for dedicating the session entirely to one discipline. For example, on a day that has been emotionally draining, you may wish to get recharged and empowered. That might be a day to spend your session completely submerged in a boxing workout. Or, it could be the day you wish to get centered, reconnect to your breath, and challenge yourself by deepening your Yoga practice; therefore, the session becomes an hour of private Yoga.

This approach gives my clients a greater understanding of the impact that working out can have on not only their bodies, but also on their mental and emotional well being.

Fusion opens them to that level of understanding.

Consider this an invitation to Focus your mind, strengthen your body, and elevate your soul!