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Using Boxing, Kickboxing or Martial Arts as a means of attaining a higher level of fitness is an enormously fun and exciting way to break away from your ordinary routine. It is a total body workout that is extremely challenging and can get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life. At Focus Center Fitness you will learn the fundamentals of Boxing or Kickboxing using drills and techniques utilized by professionals. My good fortune of sparring and training with world renown masters, coaches, and world champion athletes has led me to compile a library of only the most effective techniques learned in my three decades studying the combative arts. This allows me to present you the freedom to explore the boundaries and limits of your courage, imagination and sense of adventure without high risk of injury, while burning hundreds of calories. What more could you ask?

The possibilities of what you can glean from this type of training are infinite if you remember one simple rule…. What you are willing to give in terms of effort and focus during each session directly effects what you get in return.