“Yoga as a practice can be utilized as a path to the discovery of self and understanding of others. The word “YOGA” means union and to most this probably means: union of the mind, body and spirit. While this is a very logical interpretation, it is only one of many possibilities. One of the things I believe that union to be is the bridge between opposing forces. Yin and Yang, darkness and light, your true self and the self you present to the world are all part of the same equation. One could not appreciate light without darkness. In fact, without darkness, light would not even exist. The point I am making is that your Yoga practice can help you gain insight into the true nature of things and open you to the possibility that if you find the bridge between opposing forces–you find balance or even better…Peace.” – Joe Rivera 

Yoga in Santa Monica!

Joe Rivera’s Yoga Burn

This is a Level 3 Hatha Yoga Vinyasa flow class set to music. The pace is steady and fun and the class is designed to drown you in the NOW! Bring a towel…you’re going to sweat!!!
Previous Yoga experience is recommended but not required…. beginners are also welcome!
You are invited to breathe, laugh, play, sweat, groove, free your mind, touch your toes, stand on your head, get out of your own way…



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