How to Execute a Boxer’s Hook

By Joe Rivera, eHow Contributing Writer

Boxers Hook


Boxing is an activity that can be viewed as part sport, part fitness and part art. It is part sport because it is the highest level of competition there is. It is part fitness because doing it will definitely force you into becoming more fit. It is part art because it requires creativity and spontaneity, while at the same time discipline and focus. There are many tools that you can utilize when you are boxing that can help you when you are sparring against an opponent. However, in a real bout, the hook is one of the most devastating punches you can throw. It is one of those punches that when executed correctly, has the potential to really daze an opponent or knock him out. Here are some tips on how to execute a hook.


Things You’ll Need: • Proper gym attire • A target • Mitts and a heavy bag • Patience and common sense

1. Step 1

Stand in a traditional boxer’s stance-if you are right-handed, your left foot is forward and your left hand is slightly forward as well.

2. Step 2

Shift your weight subtly forward by slightly bending your front leg while elevating your lead elbow to about shoulder height.

3. Step 3

Push off your front leg to shift your weight more towards the back leg while rotating your torso in the same direction with your lead hand heading towards a specific target. For the purpose of this intro we’ll aim face high.

4. Step 4

That rotation and shifting motion should be accompanied by a whipping or thrusting of the hips. If you have your left leg forward and are throwing a lead hand hook (left hand hook) your hips should thrust from left to right while executing this punch.

5. Step 5

The punch should reach its mark with tremendous force. This will happen by throwing it fast and aiming to land your fist 6 to 8 inches beyond your target.  Your fist can either be positioned to have your palm facing you or the ground.

6. Step 6

Return to your original stance.

7. Step 7

Watch my video for a demonstration of how to execute a hook (see Resources below).

Tips & Warnings

• Practice, practice, practice • Be patient; it sometimes can take a little while. • Do your best to hit your target with your first two knuckles. • Make sure that your wrist is in neutral position when you hit your target or it could get seriously sprained-even broken.