How to Execute a Roundhouse Kick

By Joe Rivera, eHow Contributing Writer



In the combative arts there are many techniques that can be utilized. It all depends on the range that you are in with relation to your opponent. For inclose fighting you can use elbows, knees, head butts, submissions, grappling, joint manipulations and throws. For mid-range fighting there are a variety of punches that can be used. But for longer range fighting-where your opponent is three to six feet away-kicks are definitely a way to go. One of the kicks that may serve you well is the roundhouse kick. It is one of the three basic kicks taught in Martial arts schools all over the world. It can be relatively easy to learn, but when executed correctly can be quite effective for neutralizing an opponent.

Here are a few steps to help get you on your way.


Things You’ll Need:

• Workout gear

• Focus

1. Step 1

Start in a fighting stance with your left leg forward.

* Note: This kick can and should be done from both sides.

2. Step 2

Push off of your back foot and start to explosively propel the back leg with your knee bent in a horizontal plane (close to hip height) towards the target in front of you.

3. Step 3

About two thirds of the distance to the target, extend your leg (unbend the knee) and slam your desired target with the shin bone.

4. Step 4

Return to the original position in Step 1. To see a video of this kick being done go to:

5. Step 5

Check out the video section to see how this kick is done.

Tips & Warnings

• Make sure to pivot on the standing leg.

• You can also use the ball of your foot or the top of your foot to strike the target.

• Check out the link in Resources below for my video on how to perform this kick properly.

• Make sure you are warmed up and stretched before attempting this kick.

• Not pivoting on the standing leg can cause injury to the knee.

• Do not extend the kicking leg fully-it can cause hyperextension of the knee.