How to Execute a Sidekick

By Joe Rivera, eHow Contributing Writer

Side kick 

In the Martial arts there are many tools that one can utilize in combat. When talking specifically about the striking arts, you have a broad array of ways to utilize your limbs. You can strike with your elbows, forearms, fists, knees, shins,

head and feet, to name a few.

Of the many possible ways to strike that are available, the sidekick, for me, has come in very handy. The great thing about this particular strike is that it can be delivered from long range and with a tremendous amount of force. The reason that it can be so powerful is because it is delivered primarily by using some of the strongest muscles in your body: your glutes. Another reason that this kick can be so devastating is that you usually hit your mark with the hardest part of your foot: your heel.

Here are a few steps you can follow to help you learn how to execute a sidekick.


Things You’ll Need:

• Focus

• Loose clothing or gym attire

• A target (heavy bag or kicking shield)

1. Step 1

Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart and step your right leg back about 18 inches to 2 feet. Turn slightly on an angle so that you minimize your frontal exposure.

2. Step 2

Step the back foot (right) forward and lift the front foot to a chambered position. This means that you point your left glute and hip towards your target and pull your knee in towards your center.

3. Step 3

Aim your foot at the target and then thrust your heel towards it in an explosive manner.

4. Step 4

Bring the left foot back after you’ve hit your target to chamber, then put the foot on the ground and step your right foot back to your original stance.

Tips & Warnings

• Do your best to thrust from your hips and glutes.

• Keep your base leg (the leg you are standing on) slightly bent.

• Do your best to not extend the leg you are kicking with fully-you do not want to hyperextend the knee joint.