How to Get Ripped With the Bosu Ball Workout

By Joe Rivera, eHow Fitness Expert


There are many ways to create a healthy, lean and sexy physique. While diet is going to play a starring role, the choices you make in the type of training and exercise you do will be a critical part of the equation. The goal here is to put on muscle while decreasing body fat. The most effective way to make true changes is to shock your body-and using as many different modalities and disciplines of movement as possible is definitely a way to do it. Going from resistance training to aerobic to anaerobic to balance work-all while enlisting as many large muscle groups as possible-will help you to burn more calories and help get you more out of your workouts. Here are a three exercises that you can do in a series or add as intervals to your workout that should help you on your way to a leaner physique.


Things You’ll Need: • Bosu Ball • Comfortable clothing suitable for exercising

1. Step 1

Frog Leaps a) Stand dead center with your feet on the Bosu b) Open your legs and drop your feet to the floor (on either side of the Bosu) as you bend your knees into a deep squat c) Jump straight up in the air, bring your feet together and land dead center again on top of the Bosu d) Repeat 10 to 20 times

2. Step 2

Kick-Outs a) Stand with your back facing the Bosu and your heels 6 to 12 inches away from it b) Bend your knees and sit down on the Bosu placing your tail bone 6 inches south of the center c) Lay back on the Bosu so that your lumbar spine and most of your thoracic remains on the Bosu as you kick your heels out to the floor by extending your legs d) Once you have extended to neutral spine, engage your abdominals and pull your knees back towards your chest in a jackknife fashion while you put your feet flat on the ground and bring yourself up to the original starting position (standing in front of the Bosu) e) Repeat 10 to 20 times.

3. Step 3

Bosu Push-Ups a) Start with your left hand on the floor and your right hand on top of the Bosu (dead center) b) Perform a full push-up c) Move your left hand to replace your right hand and place your right hand on the floor d) Perform a full push-up e) Repeat 10 to 20 times * For a more challenging version, simply explode right from the bottom of the push up, change hands placement mid-air and drop right into the next pushup. * For an easier version, simply replace the hands from one side of the Bosu to the other without the push-up.

Tips & Warnings

• As with everything, take your time and start slow. • Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.