How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer

By Joe Rivera

Todd Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a form of exercise that will bring you tremendous benefits.  You can expect to gain cardiovascular strength and endurance, increase coordination, lung capacity and even strengthen muscles and bones, all while burning off major calories. It can be a bit challenging when you are first starting out. The biggest obstacle for most people seems to be timing (figuring out a rythym or when to jump).

From the moment you flick your wrists and forearms to set the rope in motion until the moment you actually have to jump over it, the rope has to travel a distance. That distance is measured by the unit we call time.  Now that we know what the biggest obstacle is going to be, let’s get you jumping rope.

Things You’ll Need:

• Jump rope

• Comfortable gym attire

• Good pair of cross trainer, boxing or running shoes.

• Wood floor or a surface that is somewhat yielding to your body weight

1. Step 1Jump Rope Like a Boxer

Stand with your feet hip distance apart with a neutral spine with jump rope handles in hand and the rope on the floor behind your heels.

2. Step 2

Flick your wrist and forearms forward so that the rope makes a revolution over you. When it is just about to hit your toes, jump!

3. Step 3

Repeat this nonstop as many times as you can. Eventually you will be able to continue to jump over many minutes of uninterrupted revolutions of the rope.

Tips & Warnings

• Keep your knees soft (slight bend).

• Pick an object in your sight line (a window sill, an outlet, a moulding, etc.) that you can use as a reference. Every time you see the rope cross that object,it’s time to jump.

• Remember that the rope is only a quarter inch thick, so you really don’t have to jump too much higher than that to clear it.

• Do your best to stay on the balls of your feet.

• Remember to breathe!

• Have fun!

• If you experience pain or severe shortness of breath, see your doctor