Frank Gatell

Joe Rivera made me run three marathons and two triathlons. Yes, literally, with his direction and guidance through independent training, in the past three years I accomplished…Frank Gatell 
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Jim Bogios

Working out with Joe is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will never find a more versatile trainer, who… Jim Bogios-Counting Crows 
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Dan Vickery

What can i say that hasn’t been said? Joe Rivera ( pronounced RIVV-AIR-AAAA, with a splash of vim and an ounce of vigor!) is a great motivator who keeps the process of getting in shape interesting, and overall, very painless…Dan Vickery-Counting Crows 
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Sara Oakley

Focus Center Fitness is 100% dedicated to fitness and achieving your goals. Joe Rivera will keep you challenged, always moving and  constantly motivated! Over the years, Joe has continued to challenge me and…Sara Oakley-Pacific Palisades Senior Associate, Investor Relations 
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Brandon Gattis

I have been training with Joe for a year.  I also take Joe’s boxing class and can honestly say it is the most fun and challenging class I have ever taken.  He challenges you in the class setting and…Brandon Gattis-Tax Accountant 
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Caroline Thompson

I’ve worked out with personal trainers before, but Joe Rivera takes fitness to a whole new level. His classes and private sessions are the best part of…Caroline Thompson        see more

Landon Covington

After suffering a neck and shoulder injury in a car accident almost 5 years ago, I gained over 40 lbs and went from a size 32″ to a snug 36″–the result of immobility and inactivity. After my injuries healed as much as they would, I tried to “get back on the wagon” so to speak, but despite building up my endurance so I could run up to 5 miles 3-5 days a week, I…Landon Covingtonsee more

Nikki Varhely

I started training with Joe during, quite possibly, the most difficult time in my life. His unconventional methods focused not only on my physical, but also on my emotional well-being — incorporating the two into a holistic unit. He instinctively infused valuable healing lessons into a…Nikki Varhely- Television Producer see more

David Bryson

Joe makes working out fun. Painful, but fun. He is the most well rounded trainer I’ve ever seen. Joe will have…David Bryson- Counting Crows see more

Mo Ally

Joe has changed my view of fitness completely!  He has taught me so many things and so many components that go into fitness. Not only has he helped me get…Mo Ally See MOre
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