“Working with Joe has been a top to bottom restoration for my body. Over the years, I have worked with many strength and conditioning coaches which has allowed me to realize the value in working with Joe. Not only have I noticed visible changes with my body, I’ve experienced myself expanding to new limits. With Joe watching my form on every exercise, he is always aware of my body’s alignment, which has drastically improved how I move my feet, knees, and hips. Because the conditioning is fighting based, my recovery time is shorter, my heart rate drops quicker, and I’m ready to go again sooner.  This is an extremely valuable tool for in my career.  This style of training would be useful for any athlete who requires a fast reaction time in their sport.Working out can get monotonous, but Joe doesn’t allow that to happen. He’s always switching the exercises up in a way that you never get bored. It’s always a love/hate session.  I love seeing myself getting better and stronger, but when I think I can’t do one more rep, I’ll hate Joe in that moment for pushing me to finish….BUT it’s always worth it because I LOVE the results!” Randy Wolf, Los Angeles Dogers

Training for Randy Wolf’s comback.