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At Focus Center Fitness, we utilize yoga as both an integrated discipline as well as its own technique. You may be guided through Vinyasas(a sequence of yoga postures) to increase coordination, balance and strength, while focusing on Pranayama (breath) to initiate and sustain poses( increasing stamina and endurance)and ultimately quiet the cluttered mind.

Since yoga is in fact a practice, it allows you to abandon self-doubt and provide room for self-discovery. The very nature of the word “practice” suggests there is no need to prove but rather the freedom to improve. Accept your own perfection and imperfection and find the beauty that together, they reveal.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga stresses quality of movement over quantity. A consistent Yoga practice can quiet the mind and refresh the body, bringing health, relaxation and happiness. However, to reap the maximum benefits, the practice must be tailored to the needs and goals of the individual.

So…while participating in a large class setting can be quite challenging, rewarding and fun…it is important to find your own voice before you join a choir. We can help you find that voice.