• Our goal is to safely challenge clients to push through their pre-conceived limitations while educating them about the body and its incredible potential. We’re here to empower them by helping them reach their goals and ultimately surpass them!  Read about our classes

  • Based on whatever it is you are hoping to achieve, we will custom tailor a program that will guide you toward achieving your goals effectively and safely. Most importantly, the hour that you spend training will be an opportunity for you to just focus on yourself.  Our Six Training programs

  • Follow along with Joe as he teaches how to properly execute kicks and punches.  watch videos

  • Since starting Focus(Center)Fitness 15 years ago, Joe Rivera has been named “trainer to the stars” as well as trainer, to the trainers of the stars” by Shape Magazine. read more

  • Why We're Different

    Our philosophy on training is based on one simple fact: there are many paths that can lead to the same destination. Helping our clients discover which one works best for them is what FCF ia all about.


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